Sunday, February 21, 2010

Love Story


Found a really cool seiries of photos Click Here for the set, it tells a story!



If you enjoy inescapable blistering heat then you would have loved Soundwave. Don't get me wrong, I love summer but when there is little to no shade and 10 of thousands of people there it just gets too much.
Apart from the fact that the usual bogans and skanky 'lets not wear tops or our pants done up' festival goers, it is probably my favorite. 
And for once I was faced with not enough time to see all the bands I wanted to.
The main stage ran an hour late, so unfortunately I missed some bands I wanted to see waiting for the shit ones to finish. Jimmy Eat world pretty much blew my mind. When lead singer Jim sang 'Hear you me' with tears in his eyes I almost wet my pants, seriously so amazing.
Really there where a few note worthy acts, AFI when you realised that Davey Havok could sing album quality on stage (I hate when bands sound like they have just played the CD but so impressed) his range is impressive.
Taking Back Sunday are probably the closest I have to a favorite band, was sad to hear that Boy said the lead singer has gotten fat, I guess that's why he dropped the arrogant persona on stage. Was a good set and though and happy to see them in Australia again. Enter Sharki is a band I only downloaded cause they where playing at Soundwave but what a find, defiantly a band I am going to be listening to more often. And of course I had to stop to watch HIM but at that point in the evening my legs had had enough and home was calling me.

Some more visual pleasure including Rob with a box, Sophie helping me cut off my stockings cause it was too hot to function, dusk etc.


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